Cotton Candy

 Sweet Things Candy Company offers special event catering.  We cater weddings, birthdays, corporate events, or any event the requires a fun, lively presence.  Any event will be pumped up with Cotton Candy.  We spin and serve it, and all you do is enjoy it.  We custom blend dozens of colors to match your event.  Call us for details!  

Sweet Things Candy Company  can handle any sized group, from 10 to 10,000.  Call us and we will work with you to come up with a plan and pricing structure to fit your needs.  We can also combine two or more of our services into Super-Sweet Packages for even more savings and choices.  Our packages won't work for you?  Just Call!

Sweet Things Candy Company can deliver, set up, teach you how to operate, and remove a cotton candy machine for your special event.  We can also provide you with all necessary supplies for you cotton candy:  Ready to Use Sugar, cones, and bags, even tables and a generator.  Your cotton candy machine for rent also includes a bubble top and floss netting for increased sanitary purposes:  An extra cost with most other cotton candy machine rental companies.

Sweet Things Candy Company can also custom-blend our Cotton Candy flavors and vibrant colors to match your special event when we cater.  Imaging giving us a sample of your wedding or corporate colors, and letting us blend a cotton candy color and cotton candy flavor to match!!!  This service is NOT available to those customers utilizing our Cotton Candy Machine Rental program.  Those customers utilizing our Cotton Candy Machine Rental program are limited to new, sealed Flossugar cartons in flavors that we have in stock, or you can order your own.